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This is a sub-selection from Still WAY behind Verizon

Lavalette, WV
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Re: Still WAY behind Verizon

Yeah, I see much improvement today from yesterday, when on the HSPA+ network (though it's AT&T and not Straight Talk who I'm with).

Yesterday the speeds were awful (200Kbits or less both ways) and the AnyConnect VPN connection couldn't be used that day (so no email, since the servers aren't available publicly).

Today though, I'm seeing 1.3Mbits on the downlink, but the uplink is still awful (less than 512Kbits). My phone supports HSPA+ 21Mbits so I suppose the speeds will get better over time as people get onto the LTE network - given that all these connections are shared mediums.

Now my phone doesn't seem to support the 'phone' APN (the 'server' if you will that your phone links with to access services like voice and data), only the 'wap.cingular' one, even though I've got the right plan so I don't know if something's up there or not.

I suppose I'd see better speeds if I were able to use the 'phone' APN, but when I use my AnyConnect VPN the speeds pickup somewhat, I suppose because the Internet connection at my university is dozens of times faster than my 3G/4G mobile data connection.

I love Debian
Fort Smith, AR

I see 5-20 megabits down with AT&T HSPA+ with decent signal(3 bars or more) and 1.2 megabits up(seems like they capped it this year to that because it's consistent, used to get 3-5 up until they capped it). My guess is the upstream cap is to alleviate congestion, but I am very happy with my speeds. I still tend to see 2-3 megabits down on 1-2 bars and 0.5-1 up.