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Clifton Park, NY
reply to VTEric

Re: New Feature: Timed DND

Responses such as these are exactly why we value our customers' input so highly. unknvoip made some very valid points. Originally we were treating the Timed DND very similarly to the regular DND rules which require a proper time zone to be set. I have updated the Timed DND feature to simply use the duration you set. No longer is the time zone or daylight saving time checkbox needed. The drop down menu for the duration has also been updated to include hourly increments from 1-12 in addition to the 30 minute and 1 day option.

I have added forwarding functionality to Timed DND as well, allowing you to forward your calls to a specified number for the duration you choose.

With regard to a spree code to enable this feature, unknvoip is also correct in that we have a spree code for enabling Global Do Not Disturb. The Timed DND feature is for setting auto-expiring DND rules. The global DND spree code requires you to remember to turn it off either through the *DND spree code or by disabling it through the online control panel. A spree code to enable Timed DND would need to read off a menu of 12 options as there are 12 durations you can choose from. We wouldn't be able to allow manual input of the number of hours for which you want to enable Timed DND as we also offer the 30 minute option and there would be no easy way for people to enter a duration less than 1 hour. For now, this option will only be available through the online control panel.

As always, if anyone has any feedback or suggestions for this feature, use the Beta Lab submission form found in your online control panel to contact us.