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Columbia, MD
reply to djoropallo

Re: [DVR] 7232 Slow, Unrepsonsive Until Warms Up or a Reboot

1. Do you have multi-room dvr enabled? - Yes and three DVRs and two HD STBs
2. Do you have newer Moto boxs or older? - Yes all new Motos 7232-2 models and new moto HD STBs
3. How long is the delay after you attempt to change to the 2nd channel -Delay varies from 0 to nearly 60 seconds.
4. When does the hang occur? It occurs with both DVRs as well as the STB. Most often when the DVR/STB is first turned on, the device is "frozen" for up to a minute; keypresses are cached and the first digit may change the channel (i.e., pressing 841 very slowly changes channel to 8, then very slowly to 4, then 1). Ditto if one of those damn "popups" is present, it'll appear and keypressing escape takes 30 seconds to cycle you past the screen. However, not just at startup as we've been watching the news for an hour and try and change channels and the new channel is on the DVR window but teh TV is dark and we simply wait a minute (60 seconds) for it to come back alive and change the channel.