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LTE has improved/arrived.

Just a few months ago LTE was coming and going at my home. At most you would get 5Mbps/1Mbps out of it, inconsistent at that and it would appear for 5-10 minutes and then disappear for an unspecified amount of time. It could be hours or days later. Now, LTE is available at "4/5 bars" and speeds are a bit better. They range between 5Mbps/1Mbps and 60Mbps/20Mbps but they must have turned up a new tower nearby as well. 3G service has improved a bit as well, probably due to better connectivity going to the tower.

At work, I've also noticed that LTE is now coming in for the first time ever as of a few days ago. The mini-stations in the building because you cannot get cell phone signal inside of it from any carrier despite a tower being very close by, do not have LTE support yet, but they do support 3G and we get 2.9Mbpps/740kbps off of it. Hopefully LTE will come inside of the building.

I'm still using a dumb phone however, but hopefully they make good use of available Fiber with these towers and ensure the backhaul is never the issue, unlike the way 3G was kept in this area where those T1s were constantly overloaded.