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Saint George, UT
reply to tkdslr

Re: Can't let go of "Old Ma Bell!"

said by tkdslr:

Happy with old, not really..

Six months ago, I dumped at&t POTS, and a deteriorating aDSL line. I ported my old land line # to non-at&t wireless and saved nearly $60mo..

Added bonus.. Got caller id and call waiting for free. (Caller ID is very helpful blocking telemarketers, so called surveys, and politicians)..
And my wireless internet, though capped.. is much faster than my old aDSL line.

Are you talking about VoIP, and using a Wireless Phone set up, like Ooma or Vonage? I'm in Verizon territory and I had two Land Lines, and yes paying through the nose. Like you Ported over my Second Line to Ooma, and I'm saving a bundle. I too use Caller ID, and Blocking is unlimited with Ooma and I can access my Line OnLine and Block and send those Telemarketers to a Recording.


Pompano Beach, FL
·T-Mobile US
I have VoIP thru SKYPE/Win 7 laptop. But, I use that for mostly 800 numbers, and some long duration calls (2 cents a minute).

An LG800g Tracfone(triple minutes foe life) replaced my local at&t phone service(5 cents/min). The LG connects to my Alarm system dialer & Panasonic talking caller id phones via Bluetooth/Siemens Gigaset one.

The Gigaset one also bluetooth's to my rooted Samsung Exihibit II 4g, which also provides cap'd 4g internet service.

So far, big savings.. in six months my savings has recovered all of my upfront costs. LG800g $35, Samsung Exihibit II 4g $200, Panasonic(KX-TG6644B) $100, Siemens Gigaset One $18.

Note: I did have some teething pains with the Gigaset One, but I discovered swapping out with a stronger 1.5amp/9v DC power supply solved those issues.