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The OC

If you need a VW ...

Try Capo VW.

About a year ago, and after a lot of disappointing trips to various dealers and virtual searches, we ended up in San Juan Capistrano. We found a three year-old car in excellent shape, very low miles, with maintenance records and for less than other places wanted for something with twice the miles and worse shape.

When we test drove the car, the sales rep let my 16 year-old son (who would be the primary) drive it when a competing dealer said no one under 25.

A window had been badly scratched (looked like it happened on the lot) and it was replaced without question along with a couple of other minor concessions. The whole process was virtually pain free.

They offered - insisted, really - on a follow-up courtesy check in 30 days, I think. Dropped it off and when I came back, a major accident had taken out power in the entire area. The service folks were processing cars manually with flashlights and calling customers on cell phones ... all with a smile.

Fast forward to this week and it's time for an oil change. Figured I'd give them the business. The service advisor asks me if I knew the first service was on the house. "Um, no." First routine maintenance on any used car is free. Nice, especially since this is a full synthetic deal.

He comes back a bit later and asks if I have some extra time. I'm expecting the usual "we found something to charge you for" conversation. Instead, he tells me the rear brake pads are gone. Since their standard for reconditioning is no less than 50% and we've barely put any miles on the car, they are going to cover the cost.

I could not believe they covered this repair, first off, and actually offered without me even asking. I know people who won't shop anywhere else and now I know why.

O Rly?
Murrieta, CA
Thanks for sharing. I'll have a 16 year old next year and she's becoming quite interested in these VW's. Since she has soccer in SJC 2-3 times per week I might make a stop to check them out...
.:|:. aztec being aztec...™