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Waterloo, ON

horrible speeds and nothing being done about it.

this guy tells the truth I can't believe im saying this but im going to have to switch to rogers cable I feel sick even saying it but hes right the service is horrible I reported these issues months ago and still its going on they know its going on too when I reported it the person I talked to even admitted I wasn't the only person with these issues.

thats two dsl lines? lol really? but wait 12 or 1 am will come and I will get 10mb+


Waterloo, ON
We aren't making these issues up and the fact I know exactly when its happening and when it clears up daily is pathetic what kind of customer service is this?

Old Martin
Have you done the test@test test with us for both lines when you are getting the slow speeds.

I don't know what was done or said in the past conversations. But to get this looked into, may you be in contact with me so I can check things out for you.

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Waterloo, ON
I just wanted to make sure to reply to this in case someone Googles this issue. Yes I have run the test@test , test and ping from cmd prompt ping -n 20 and traceroute tests while on the phone with teksavvy support many times over several months.Lol my lines are fine and the connection is fine except you don't have the bandwidth supply to back it up its simple, well sorry you do except for between 6pm and 1am roughly.


reply to GreenLantern
I am just so depressed about this whole thing, it gets so bad I cant even check my email, at least you are lucky enough to have options. Its either this dsl or dialup, if I could get cable I would have long ago. Its not just teksavvy on this issue.

I quit using their services last year and got Bell whom assured me I would have NO problem whatsoever and no slow downs. 24 hours after hookup, the same crap so I immediately cancelled and went back. I am not going to pay more for the same B.S. Its EVERY night for me but has been happening for about 2 years and just gets worse and worse.

Each night I want to play a game I tether my cell phone over to my pc and use it, luckily I have a 6GB data plan so I dont go over, unfortunately that plan costs me over $100. SOMEDAY I hope to have reliable fast internet...
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