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Wellsburg, WV

[HN7000S] Issues tonight

Anyone else having issues tonight on 117W? Seems like seince yesterday there has been several problems, Unable to log into STEAM, Any MMO, Browsing is crawling.. Just the works tonight.


Also 117W - mine has been like that for a few days. Called and after a two hour phone called they did say something was wrong and they have a higher tier call back. But I work during the day and wasn't at home when they called back and haven't had time to devote another two hour phone call to them.

They did talk me into signing up for Gen4 and gave me Oct1 as a date - for I'm not sure what.

Just assuming that this is the beginning of the end for 117W and it's either switch or die.


North East Mississippi

Reno, NV
October 1st is when Gen4 is suppose to go live, but as you will see in other posts installs have begun


reply to Fuji

Re: [HN7000S] Issues tonight - cont

Tried to call tier 4 back tonight and "got call back tomorrow" - leave a message. Then it said mailbox full (so I couldn't leave a message). Called regular tech support and it said they were basically overloaded with calls - call back tomorrow. I've never had that happen.

If I thought my service has been bad for the last several days - well that service was actually pretty good compared to tonight.

My hughes perf page web response are 71, 46, 55, 64 etc with download tested at 29/80.

Going to post this message (if I can) and then give up on it. Glad I've got Comcast at work.



Whatever was going on earlier tonight has gotten better post 10:00 pm central.

Sub 10 web response and 250/100 download Hughes test.