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reply to mob

Re: Wow, what a boring car

said by mob:

My ride is in the shop getting new headers, x-pipe, cat back exhaust, motor mounts, clutch, flywheel, drive shaft, etc. Since it's been in the shop I've had a rental car. And man is it lame sauce.

It's a 2011 Chevrolet Malibu with a 4 cylinder. I press the pedal to the floor and a few minutes later the engine picks up speed, and after about 3 more minutes the car begins to move slowly. As red line approaches you will go from 1mph to 20mph, the car shift weirdly into first and a half. Then in a few more minutes the little gerbil jumps to 2nd and I then reach 23MPH. I've been able to get the car up to over 60MPH on downhill passes while being pushed by a garbage truck.

The steering sucks, the ride sucks, the handling sucks, the engine sucks, the transmission sucks, the interior sucks. The only good thing about the car is that I can get rid of it. Oh and it somehow gets equal mileage with a V8 Mustang with mods on the interstate even though it's a 4 banger..

that is what you get with government motors.
Well, does your car at least turn into something else? Sometimes I turn it into a trashcan. Hmm...