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Re: [Speed] My French Car Forum is Being Throttled - But Why?

said by Imagnu :

I received an email back from NOC@tinet.net - requesting a service ID which I do not have - will have to call them again. I really need this resolved as it is hurting my business. I am a web designer - I am hosting all of my websites on one server located in the UK - but my clients - like myself - are located in the USA and many use comcast. My clients are now complaining that their websites are not working - and if I can't get this fixed quick - I will need to move almost 200 websites to a different server. As soon as I noticed a problem I started to search for a solution which is how I found this forum. I will contact Inteliquent and try to get them to open a service ticket even though I am not a customer of theirs - as this is a problem they need to deal with anyway. I will keep you informed of my progress. Megan

You will need to get your hosting service and/or their ISP involved if you want to get action taken. You are not Inteliquent's customer, and your complaints are not going to be taken seriously. Gently hinting to your hosting service that if the problem is not resolved quickly you are going to move 200 accounts from their servers has a better chance of being taken seriously.
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