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Toronto, ON

Acanac Problems

Hi there. First post, and I joined because of earlier discussions of Acanac that I saw here.

After having paid Acanac for service, I received regular emails from Acanac (often 2-3 a day) threatening service disruption due to non-payment. This continued for a month following their agreement that records showed I had paid. They said it was generated automatically, but apparently did nothing to stop it's generation.

As this was not the first time such a thing had occurred, and as I have no faith that a solution would occur unless it cost Acanac something otherwise, I asked for compensation.

Acanac didn't refuse; they simply failed to respond. Again. And again. And again. Well, except to continue sending me daily or multiple-daily notices that my paid-for and acknowledged paid-for service would be cut off if I did not pay. Otherwise, they seemed content to close any ticket I opened without taking any action whatsoever.

I then notified them that if they did not offer compensation, the service would be cancelled. They did not; I got another service provider, and did not renew.

Acanac then asked me to pay for the next month anyway.

Obviously, I refused.

I had to create a separate email folder to hold all of the harassing emails I received from Acanac about non-payment for a service they had acknowledged I had paid for. I was very clear about what I intended to do if they did not respond. They chose not to respond, and I didn't renew, exactly as I had indicated.

Not the ISP I'd recommend involvement with.