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New Windsor, MD
reply to cbobby

Re: Post your Sprint 3g speeds

Thoughts about speed issues and overcrowded towers.

In this mornings Wash Post if a full page color ad for Smartphones by provider AT&T. I know this has nothing to do with Millen., but I'm sure the other 2 providers- Verizon and Sprint - run ads of similar intent. This one is "priceless".

The ad speaks to the promise of wireless tech.

The ad shows a generic smartphone with a large screen filling the entire front surface.. On the screen is a picture of a cute blond girl less than 2years old, laughing. The header reads "fotovidstream.com" now streaming "Lil' Princess". It is pretty obvious that this is a "home movie" shot and uploaded to the site for friends and family to view.

Play bar at the bottom of the screen reads:

HD... 5 mins 5 seconds have elapsed of the 2 hour 6 minute 41 second video.