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Re: Nothing strange about this objective.

Hmm some replies.

I don't always need HD quality. In fact if it really matters (in a film of merit) I will likely buy a copy (like I did for Lord of the Rings). I watch all my TV shows on Netflix in crud quality, why not, it was only so good when it aired originally. I like the nostalgia feel of watching it how I recall it. Currently enjoying MacGuyver.

I should mention, it took me 3 years to burn out 20 years of accumulated video collecting in VHS format. Old movie classic, old TV show classics, documentaries. I no longer require massive sums of data movement, as I finished getting what I wanted around 2005.

Can't speak for anyone south of the border, or even in the rest of Canada, but, I don't suffer overages. Ever. But then I have had the brains to get my service from Teksavvy. Nexicom could likely do the same level of service though. I watch Netflix all the time, the wife uses it too and I have an 18 year old hardcore gamer. We seem to be happy with our capacity.

Then again, I am not being forced to endure some idiotic cap. I have 300 a month with Teksavvy at the moment. I could always get unlimited from Nexicom for the same price.

Making comments like 'wireless will never...." is folly. I've seen too many technologies do things we said couldn't be done just a few years earlier. The specs of my first PC in 1990 are laughable now. They seemed impressive then. And the internet in 1990 sure wasn't what it is today.

Things change.

Oh and I am not saying I have any love of corporations, but, I am also not one of those 'the customer is king', or 'the customer is always right' idiots. Nope, I believe make a good product or service and it will succeed if there is a market. Bend over for the customer without question and you will get it up the ass too.

I am not saying that copper cable is worse, but, I have no use for cable companies. I can't recall where I watched it, but I saw something about fibre that mentioned already present fibre that merely needs to be exploited the same way cable was made an option when before it was not even being used. Once upon a time, a phone line was only used for telephone calls. The phone lines were not put there for internet traffic.