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Kingston, ON

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Re: [Weather] Arctic sea ice melts to record low

said by booj:

It's never mentioned because it's an irrelevant fact. If you can explain it's relevancy, I'm all ears. Your folksy attitude to global warming isn't constructive debate.

His quote is regarding "climate change happened a LOT when humans weren't present - so what if it's happening while we are present - it's not unexpected that climate changes happen".

And while climate scaremongers say "oh it's happening ever so fast - we've never seen anything like it" - no one really knows exactly how fast all of the shifts like these happened before - did the arctic go from crocodiles to polar bears in 10 years? 1000 years? 10,000 years? It's very hard to tell or know... so while it may appear that we're having climate shift "like never before" - no - "we're having climate shift like never before in the last few hundred years"...

So the question becomes "should we bother trying to fight it, or is our CO2 emissions and industrial complex ALL of the cause, PART of the cause, or just a SMALL BLIP on the cause" - and if it's just a part of the cause or a small blip on the cause, is it worth trying to fight it when it's going to happen anyway - just like it has thousands of times before in the earth's 4 billion year history. It's only if it is "all of the cause" that it's worth the battle - because then it might be a battle we could win.. otherwise, we're just along for the ride no matter what we do - and it may mean big changes ahead - but, hopefully we're smarter than the dinosaurs or other creatures of previous climate changes and can figure out how to survive a little longer - since we know how to build shelter, move where climate is better, survive in places where other creatures couldn't, etc.