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Lincroft, NJ
reply to ajwees41

Re: [Cable Card] CC moving channel #'s into 1000 -- cable card?

said by ajwees41:

Cable cards are 2 way. it's the hardware that's one way.

Yes, as it says on the "CableCARD Primer" page (»www.cablelabs.com/opencable/prim···mer.html) on the CableLabs site:

The media has frequently reported that first-generation CableCARD 1.0 modules are one-way devices. This is simply not true. CableLabs had always intended to develop the CableCARD module and host receiver standards with two-way capability. However the manufacturers of digital TVs requested that a host standard be developed that only had one-way capability. This one-way cable-ready receiver was defined by the FCC's Plug & Play order and by the Joint Test Suite (JTS). It is the definition of this one-way receiver that lacks the ability for two-way functionality, not the CableCARD module.