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Yazoo City, MS

[HN9000] please check my math

I have the pro plan. I get 525mb/day + 525mb max download bank.

525mb=0.51269gb X30 days is 15 gb.

For the same price as I am paying now, if I upgrade, I will get 15gb/month.

On the plus side- I will get more speed.

On the minus side- I will lose:
Max download bank
daily refill
free night hours
free upload
one day for every month with 31 days

But it's a "GENEROUS" plan!!!!

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY
Is there actually a question in there? or are you just trying to make a point?



Yazoo City, MS
No, I wasn't trying to make a point. I want someone better in math than me to please tell me I have the figures wrong, so I can feel better.


If you upgrade to the new HN1000 system, HughesNet CEO's Win, You get drop kicked!

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY
reply to janedeaux
Ok. But it sounds like you have the old $79.99 ProPlus plan. Last year's HN9000 upgrade bumped the original 425 MB to 525. Over a years time, that averages out to ~16GB/month ((525x365)/12).

In my estimation, losing the download bank is no great loss. It only carries the unused allowance from yesterdays 525 into today, but that's the end of it. So whereas you might get 1050 every other day, it still comes out to ~16GB/month.

Daily refill necessarily goes away with the switch from daily to monthly allowance. But I think that's academic, since - if you want to get through the month without being FAP'd or having to buy tokens - you pretty much have to discipline yourself to a daily usage limit anyway. The Gen4 way is that it's just more flexible; you might be away for a long weekend, then come home and use 4 or 5 days worth all at once without fear of FAP. (15x12)/365 comes out to ~493 MB/day

The Gen4 FAQ is a bit vague about whether uploads are counted against your allowance. If they said the allowance is the amount of data you can download AND upload, there'd be no question. But the exact quote is "amount of data you can download or upload"

Given the availability and ease of use of the HDM and similar, I think a large number of people will suffer from the switch from off-peak unlimited to "Bonus Bytes" is small. Movie addicts and P2P fanatics will complain, but it won't bother me a bit. The additional 15GB off peak means I can get all my big software updates PLUS maybe even 5 HD movies per month.

So as I see it today, the trade-off between the $80 Gen4 plan and your current plan is megabit speeds for (a) a loss of ~1GB data allowance/month for everybody, and (b) loss of off-peak unlimited for a small % of users. But I want to qualify this whole response as reflecting only that Hughes policy that's currently in effect. There's a tit-for-tat going on right now between them and ViaSat regarding plan features. Pretty sure that Hughes is gonna have to give some ground on their current daily allowance and Bonus Bytes policies.

HN7000S - 98cm Prodelin/2w "pure" Osiris - ProPlus - G16/1001H - NOC:GTN - NAT - Gateway - DNS and - Firefox 15/MSIE9 - AV/Firewalled by NIS2012


Wellsburg, WV
reply to janedeaux
Sadly.. You're figures are spot on. In now way is it even worth upgrading to the G4 unless they bring back the "Off-Peak" Downloading.

I break it down into 3 things.

Downloaders - Gen4 offers nothing, Faster speeds, Less bang for ya buck.

Gamers - Acceptable, Unless Uploads count as downloads. Then it's 50/50 depending on what games you play & also if the peak hour's speed is well over 300kb/s.

Surfer's - Light Browsing, ect.. Meh..

Now if ya fall into all 3.. Gen4 brings nothing. Exceed seems like the better choice atm. Just due to download window.

I have had Hughes for 7-8 years now, but i can clearly say i would drop them the first chance i get for exceede if they dont bring back the download window.. Im tired of all this Bandwidth crap there jaming down people's throats.. It's just a bunch of lies.

Reno, NV
On Gen4 downloads & uploads count against your allowance as quoted by Sara (hughes employee) some time ago on the community forum.


Homer, LA
reply to janedeaux
you also get 15 gigs off peak for a total of 30 gigs. Thats one of those new math things.