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Bay, AR
reply to Uxbfool

Re: [General] Home Fusion install scheduled

Well, I just put in my order. Will be installed Wednesday, September 26. Hopefully, it goes good in my area. I was told that they haven't had but a few people come in and actually get it, so it's not that congested.

I was told though that my metal roof on my house might affect the signal. I asked if I could get the globe thingy put on a pole instead of the side of my house and was told to ask the installation person when he gets there and there is a possibility of it costing more. We will see. If that wont work, I'll ask if it can be put on the side boards of my roof since the Metal Roofing was added ontop of the current shingles because of finance problems (not being able to pay almost $4000 for new shingles when it only cost $1000 for a metal roof).

Again, I will see how it goes. Got the 30gig plan as I don't know how much data I will go through. After a couple months, if I find out 30gigs is to much, I'll downgrade it to the 20gig plan and just save myself that extra $30.