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Lumberton, TX
reply to Krisnatharok

Re: Rebuild Time Is Upon Me

Oh, I hear you. It's driving me nuts. In reading the reviews on that case, some people rated it a little lower because they felt it needed more room for cable management. I understand now, but for what it cost me ($50), I have little to complain about. lol

It looks a lot better with the case side back on. I'm glad I didn't get one with the window on the side. Out of sight out of mind.

Next time I'll get a modular power supply and put more thought into the case. All in all, it's a helluva lot better than what we had to work with the last time I built one.
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Earth Orbit

I *just* built a nearly identical computer.

»Re: Gaming build for teenager

I'll go wrest it away from the kid long enough to take pictures to give you an idea of what I did for cable management.
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