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reply to Woody79_00

Re: halo 4 special edition bundle

i only meant friendly chiding, and i understand your passion, i've played games for decades across all kinds of consoles and computers.

your source while being clearly from one particular side of the discussion to begin with (a pc mag) appears to fail to accurately acknowledge that the current console generation is 7 years old. of course the pc is doing well right now, and of course the hardware is not equal. but this generation is almost over.
that's exactly what happened back in 2004 when the ps2 and original xbox were slowing their growth.

i guess, i just see too much of your argument mirroring things i heard back when the Voodoo 2 video card was all the rage and people predicted the end of consoles in the 1990's.

so, out of list of "active accounts" referenced (steam/LoL/WoW/Mincraft) there is only marginally more than the number of current active Xbox Live Gold subscribers. and i think it's fair to guess that there is some overlap in those pc gaming related accounts, many of the WoW players likely also have Steam for example.

i'm not saying you're wrong, i just think, this is the most convenient time to make the argument that pc gaming is making a big return to prominence since it's the end of the current console generation. in 3 years, i have a feeling the market wont look like your bar graph as the market is in for a major change once again.

pc gaming is great, it's just not for everyone given the amount of extra effort required to get the most out of the experience.