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Griffin, GA
reply to singular9

Re: [Speed Problem] DSL download speed fluctuates crazy

What speed test site are you using?.....typically the A&T site and speakeasy.net are very reliable. As long as you have no activity on the line at the time of the test it should be very close to your purchased speed.

If you have someone streaming netflix and you try to run a test at the same time the results are going to be skewed. Depending on your location and dslam, their could be several places that need to be fixed, but no way for you to tell your network path through AT&T's facilities.

As far as Charter, no idea on distance with cable...but I can tell you that cable attenuates quickly(gets weaker) as soon as it comes off the drop on the pole. Not sure about distance when bringing into neighborhoods, etc


Simpsonville, SC
i used all the ones i can find and the thing just goes crazy hitting highs and lows. it gives the average speed but it does not show the minimum and maximum. att does not understand the situation here. its like im talking to robots that are sitting beside a magnet. they don't work. i got through to one person and she made the technicians erase my stuff and build my internet from ground up she said and it did not fix it either. they replaced the box and main box. nothing.