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The Limit
Greensboro, NC
reply to Sukunai

Re: No Facebook at work? I'll look elsewhere...

No I totally agree, that's why I'm getting a degree in something that is flexible and stretches my mind in using formal logic (Mathematics).

There are many uses for Mathematics in the IT industry (networking and coding). In fact, Mathematics has helped me write better programs because my logical skills have increased ten fold.

I know that I won't have a glamorous job coming out of college, that's understandable, and if all I had to choose from was working at convenience store making minimum wage then I'd take it. I don't complain about work, even if it's work that I don't necessarily like.

Mathematics is used in EVERY field, and it's not an easy degree to get. I didn't go to school with the notion that I would be guaranteed to get a job, I went with the notion that I would be guaranteed an education, and maybe a job if I work hard.

But you make good points, and they have been noted.
"We will evaluate these integrals rigorously if we can, and non-rigorously if we must".
---Victor Moll, invited talk, Tom Osler Fest (April 17, 2010)