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reply to Mr Matt

Re: Anyone have a suggestion for standby whole home generator?

said by Mr Matt:

I ran a calculation on the relative efficiency of diesel vs propane powered generators see the chart above.

The Onan generator in the chart varies from 18% to 26% depending on load. There are three different diesel generators listed, all efficiency ratings are based on full load fuel consumption for those generators.

Regarding the relative cost of propane vs electric appliances, I included a description on how to calculate the relative cost in another thread here:

»Heater / Central Air recommendations.

For my situation I calculated the cost of propane vs electric fuel by dividing the kilowatt hours used into the total bill which comes out to about $0.13 per kilowatt hour. The cost for heating water with propane using a storage type water heater with a 70% efficiency and $4.00 per gallon cost for propane works out to an equivalent cost of $0.2132 per kilowatt hour. In order for the cost of propane to be equal to the cost of electric fuel the cost per gallon of propane would have to be less than $2.44.

Matt most diesel generators are liquid cooled, and require extra maintenance. Additionally, I'd be concerned with several hundred gallons of diesel oil sitting for perhaps years as the generac would be the only load.

We currently use about 40 gallons a month of propane and have a 45 gallon tank. With 2 new fireplaces, and a cooktop, the use should increase slightly.

500 gallons would cycle in about a year, for diesel, at 12 minutes a week on a generac or other brand, it could take a decade or longer for 300-500 gallons of diesel to cycle. Does diesel remain stable for a decade?
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