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Re: I'll stick with Verizon

Must be an ADHD moment...

Some posters above were discussing why do business with the MVNO in question when the host carrier charges the same for the exact same service (which I based my comment on) so I thought I'd share my experience with cell phones and providers. I have no experience with MVNO carriers but I have heard of them coming and going like here today gone tomorrow one hit wonders in the music industry. I have been using cell phones since 2001 and the carrier (Verizon) that I had in high school (I graduated in 2002 and hid a Verizon prepaid phone in my pocket since we were not allowed to possess them in school) is still around today and is better than ever with their LTE network. In the 10 years since I graduated, many MVNOs have come and gone (like Chumbawumba and 'NSYNC in the music world) but Verizon is still strong today. I have had AT&T for about six years but I think that Verizon has much better phones. When I left VZW for then Cingular, I felt like the phone I bought (an LG L1400) was a downgrade from my LG VX6000 on VZW. I had to switch do to Cingular because of poor VZW reception but I am back on VZW today. Phone quality is no longer an issue as I have been using the iPhone since 2009 and plan on buying the iPhone 5 in December.
I wish I still lived in Iowa; Everything there from rent and groceries to Cable TV is much cheaper in Iowa (especially with an overbuilder in town).

SexaT duorP
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said by IowaCowboy:

I have no experience with MVNO carriers but I have heard of them coming and going like here today gone tomorrow one hit wonders in the music industry.

Considering MVNOs are month-to-month and are typically replaced by something *better* than the MVNO before it, I don't really get the big deal?

MVNOs ride on the exact same network. Typically the only difference is a general lack of customer service. When I figure that the only time I ever called the cell company was over billing disputes, then going to a prepaid model made perfect sense. No more billing issues means no more service calls for me. Bing-bang-boom. In Solavei's case, they ride on T-Mobile but actually have a superior roaming agreement for ATT than T-Mobile and other MVNOs offer.

Personally i'm not interested in Solavei's pyramid model. But no tier-1 carrier provides the same packages as the MVNOs do. Sure T-Mobile has a $50 tier, but it's 100MB of 3g. All of the other MVNOs offer 2GB of data for the same price-point. Simple Mobile offers 2GB on T-Mobile. Straight-Talk offers 2GB on TMO or ATT. Boost/Virgin are unlimited (but Sprint's network is crap now, so good luck hitting even 2GB in a month).

I'm glad to hear that Verizon works wonders for you. For others, paying $100 for the same effective service that costs $45 elsewhere isn't very attractive. For some of us, saving $1300 over 24 months means something.
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