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Cordova, TN
reply to cowboyro

Re: Need some plumbers opinions.

said by cowboyro:

Because it's much more profitable to charge the same for less. I could get flat rate water service if my need was much higher (the break-even point would be around 15,000gal/mo). Unless we are talking about a big city where water supply barely meets the demand, it's all BS. I have a reservoir about 1000ft away, I have never seen it not to be overflowing.

Actually, I do live in a major metropolitan area (tri-state, in fact, with multiple utility jurisdictions), so not only is there significant demand, there are also ongoing disputes about which jurisdictions have the rights to use how much of the water at whatever rates. And, having run the numbers, I believe that all of these utilities have determined that we might start running out of our very pure, "fossil" water sooner rather than later, meaning that they might have to invest in major upgrades in order to continue providing clean water at the rates they do now, so they are being very forward-looking here. Which is a good thing!