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Spokane, WA

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reply to ddawson

Re: Not synching at full speed

Update: Called repair. Took about 20 or 30 minutes (and getting hung up on twice for some reason!). I explained the problem (again) and the testing I had done. After answering all the questions and so forth, they finally informed me that their server (do they mean the DSLAM?) had dropped my speed due to some sort of problems it detected. (Would that be because of the poor signal? Hmm? Maybe it dropped even further temporarily or something?)

Anyway, the engineers reset it, so now I'm at 1536 / 608. This is sort of good news. I'm glad to have full downstream speed back. Still the same weak signal, of course. Downstream SNR is even worse—6 or 7; I guess it would be with more bandwidth. (Part of it, no doubt, is the distance, but should the attenuation really be 63 dB?) I have to wonder, though, if this could happen again. I had no real problems for the couple of years I've been on 1.5 Mbit (other than the previous modem that was flaky and finally died when a probably already-marginal fuse feeding power for my block went bad during a thunderstorm, but that was on this end and this doesn't seem to be), so why now?

I guess unless someone here knows something, only time will tell. Working pretty well so far.


Spokane, WA
I'd be surprised if the connect speed didn't drop again....

The down and up stream attenuation should be less than 60 and the SNR should be greater than 6.

Trying to convince repair is the problem.

I spose you could try the link left in a previous message from CTL.