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El Paso, TX
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Re: [GW2] Official DSLR Guild: Aftershock (SHOK) Info

You can also run sPvP together. I always thought the "s" stood for server, but apperantly not. It stands for structered. But I have tried this out myself with a friend on a different server and it works. There's two ways to do this.

1: Invite your friend to a party, once he/she is in a sPvP game, right click their portrait and click "Join in pvp" and vice versa.

2: Go to the sPvP NPC in the Mists, find the game your buddy is in (shows a friend icon next to that game) and join that game.


Wright City, MO
reply to I AM
How do you group with people on a different server? I have a rl friend that I'd like to group up with from time to time, but couldn't figure out how to hook up with us being on different servers. Also, there is currently no way to transfer to Jade Quarry.
said by I AM:

I think you just group through invites than go to world. Just can't group up for WvWvW.

My friend and I did some testing, and then I did some looking on the gw2 forums. And then we did some more testing. It is most certanly not as easy as going to the same world map.

Currently the "guesting" feature is disabled. According to Anet, this is because they are still currently allowing free daily server transfers. However, there are still 2 ways that you can play with someone from another server without server hopping (this can be a risky proposal, especially comming from a server as full as ours, since there is no guarentee you can transfer back if the server is full.)
1. You can hope both you and your group mates' servers are full, so that you both get placed in the same overflow server (not very likley, as I have not had to be in an overflow server since last weekend I think.)
2. You can do a dungeon together. He and I tried and confermed that this worked. I pulled two other people from Jade Quarry and he grabbed another from his and we were able to run the same AC instance together.
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