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Huntsville, AL
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New Knology Email less secure than ever.

Update: Knology is introducing "Upgrades" that are really security downgrades. After 5 years of complaining about insecure Email (no HTTPS for the actual Webmail and no SSL sockets for Email Clients such as Outlook) they are actually going to make it worse! I guess they want to scan the contents of your Email like Google and Yahoo* do and let all their advertisers plant their webbots and other privacy invasion tools in your Email interface. They are merging the Webmail access with the homepage login. For the old webmail.knology.net access they only used HTTPS for the initial login (ID and PW screen), after that all communications relating to Email are insecure. With the new service, not even that level of security is provided. Your Knology Email can be hacked and monitored at any WiFi site. Do not use Knology Email for secure communications.

*Just got a call from a supervisor at Knology. It was an intentional decision to NOT support SSL and SAP. I was told that they are going to the same webmail system Yahoo uses so they really WILL scan your Email CONTENT to provide targeted advertising!!! He was really quite indifferent to user security issues.