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Winston Salem, NC

Slow internet

I live in NC and have been paying for the 10 mbps package for almost a year now. I may get 10 mbps 40% of the time, if I'm lucky. Several months ago I tried to get Windstream to correct the problem. I replaced 3 modems, the techs came out to check the outside box, etc. Of course the issue wasn't resolved. After talking to numerous call center techs and outside techs, I found out that they have over subscribed in my area. And of course, they are working to upgrade equipment (yeah, right). I am looking for another provider.


Douglas, GA
Thanks for your comment. Your situation sounds much like mine. Oversubscribed area, and Windstream still adding new customers they can't support! If you aren't getting 80+ % of the promised speeds 80% of the time, they are cheating you.

I got nothing but runarounds and lies from phone reps and billing. The Windstream tech (Patricia) here at DSL forums has been the only person who provided me with straight answers or even returned a phone call. She has called me 2 or 3 times just to give me updates. If you haven't contacted the Windstream support reps here, I do recommend doing so.

If you haven't already, I suggest filing complaints with the BBB, your state service commission, and the FCC. It's apparently the only way to get Windstream's attention, sadly. And they should have to answer for their policy of blaming customers' computers and routers, when they know the actual problem (oversubscribed area/old equipment).

Do ask for credit. Don't take no for an answer. Ask to speak to a supervisor, and let them know you are filing the appropriate complaints (above) for failure to provide the service you are paying for. This is breach of contract by Windstream, and it's not legal.

Tell everyone you know of your experience. If Windstream loses enough customers, nationwide, maybe it will make a difference (as you say... yeah, right).

I wish you luck finding another provider. Our only other option here (Douglas, GA) is a cable company (Mediastream, who bought out Charter here) with poor reputation and bandwidth caps, and a required 2-year contract. Ugh. I will never sign a contract, knowing I might be in a situation like this Windstream one down the road!

Sad that many other countries I've visitied have 20-50+ mbps service and better customer service than most USA Internet providers. Of course, customer service is dead in America.

I read recently that some of the big USA telco providers are phasing out DSL service, as the technology has pretty much reached its limits. Just something to think about. Where are the fiber optic networks promised back in the 1980s? lol....

You do know that a failure to provide services adequately as stated in your Windstream contract means you can be released from that agreement with NO penalties?

Actually my guess is WS was waiting for you to simply ask out of the contract which they would have been happy to agree to since THEY were not providing services as agreed to. That allows you to terminate without any additional cost to you.

But then again why should they get off the hook for a fraudulent offer in the first place.


Douglas, GA
I'd LOVE to leave Windstream, but the only other provider here has their own problems. Frying pan/Fire syndrome. And I have to have Internet for work Thanks for your reply and the info!


Douglas, GA
reply to Cessna729
Going to try cable soon myself. Windstream is the worst company I have ever dealt with, period. My current speeds are down to 0.1 mbps downstream, when it works at all.

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I wish you luck!


Landrum, SC
reply to DouglasW1
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that hates them.

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I've had them for 7 years or so, it worked decent until around 4 months ago. Since then, I've been lied to over and over again. The only thing windstream does consistently is lie.


Greensburg, KY
reply to DouglasW1
This all sounds familiar. I've been in a latency outage since November 2011 getting less than 30% of my 3.0mbps speed. This past week I've been averaging around 0.15 - 0.30mbps and disconnecting every few seconds. Unfortunately, I went through the BBB and then FCC last year. Only thing that happened was both of them forwarded my complaint to the main offices, Windstream replied with sorry blah blah we appreciate your business and we'll fix it blah blah. After the BBB and FCC forwarded the Windstream response to me, that was the end of their efforts. The end. I have NO alternative in my area for internet and apparently consumers have no companies to look out for them anymore. Only information I've gotten from Windstream was from a rep on this site saying Q2 2013 equipment upgrades were scheduled. I've heard countless "fix" dates since 2011. I believe nothing this company says anymore. I really don't see how they stay in business.
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