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I see nekked people
Renton, WA

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Well... As a long time DSLR member..

I can say I first learned of this back in early July. Signed an NDR after a long discussion with an acquaintance (who is a sports star you would all recognize). Started service during the beta about 4 weeks ago.

I left Sprint after 12 years, the last two being miserable. Solavei is for real. Yes there has been some small challenges during beta, but none were show stoppers, for example I needed to manually setup the APN as their push to the device didn't work on my phone. Took about 45 seconds and it's been perfect since.

If you do the research there are some big, big names involved in this. Jim Ryan left a very high ranking position at ATT Wireless to come to Solavei. John Rittenhouse former Wal-Mart COO is the COO at Solavei. Several key, high ranking, executives from T-Mobile are on the executive team.

Bottom line this isn't your average MVNO. Toss out the psuedo MLM money making opportunities and it's still a great value at $49 a month (I'm getting full speed data here in Seattle, averaging about 14Mbps downstream on my Samsung Galaxy Note).

I've taken advantage of the bring your friends feature and just had my first deposit on the Visa Debit Card they issue. In the past two weeks I've ported my 2 son's phones and my wife's. After our time at Sprint they are ecstatic with the service.

So far so good.