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Brampton, ON
reply to l8er

Re: Rogers Upstream Bonding

said by l8er:

Ok, tried online chat and quoted the product code provided here (thanks yyzlhr). I'm on Extreme.

First, was only given the higher tiers as options, but after further prodding, was told there are two product codes available for Extreme. Both will give me 28 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up. One will be $61.99 (same as current price) with a 100 GB cap. The second will be $66.99 with a 120 GB cap.

So to get the the higher upload speed at the same dollar amount, I take a 20 GB hit on the cap. To maintain the 120 GB cap and get the higher upload, it will cost me $5 extra.

I guess this explains the $5 issue in the above posts. Get ready everybody, it appears an increase is coming

So effectively they will be reducing the caps if you stay at the current rate... typical Rogers behaviour; for every one step forward Rogers takes two steps backwards.


London, ON

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said by elitefx:

Just had a thought. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Rogers slapped a surcharge (an extra $20 or so) on all the HU users monthly bills once this high upload thing is fully implemented.

I know, it aint supposed to cost extra but we are talking Rogers here...............

Be kinda hard to argue with Billing after calling Rogers and requesting the upgrade.....

Hate to say I told you so guys, BUT...........