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unbonded CSST

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Notice of Rule in Development

A rule currently in development would amend Uniform Code provisions relating to the
use of certain corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) products in gas piping systems.

The Department of State invites public participation in the rule development process.

The Department of State (DOS) is in the process of developing a rule which, if adopted, would amend the Uniform Code to permit the use of certain corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) products that are encased in a protective conductive jacket (“conductive jacketed CSST” or “CJ-CSST”) in gas piping systems without requiring the CJ-CSST to be bonded.

The rule is being developed because studies submitted to DOS indicate that (1) the conductive jacket used to encase CJ-CSST is designed to absorb and dissipate lightning-induced arcing energy locally at the point of arc attachment; (2) the conductive jacket subsequently lowers the energy level below the threshold where a wall puncture occurs; (3) this protection is provided uniformly along the entire length of the CJ-CSST tubing run; and (4) because the CJ-CSST’s electrically resistive jacket provides protection against transient arcing, CJ-CSST can be installed without the direct electrical bonding required when conventional CSST is used.

A draft rule is available by clicking here.

DOS invites all interested parties, particularly those representing small businesses, local governments, and public or private interests in rural areas, to participate in the rule development process. Interested parties are invited to submit comments on the draft rule. If you have suggestions on how the draft rule could be improved, suggested alternatives to the draft rule that DOS could consider, additional studies that support or refute the studies discussed above, or any other comments on the draft rule, please contact Raymond Andrews, RA, Assistant Director for Code Development, by mail at New York State Department of State Division of Administration and Enforcement, 99 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12231-0001; by telephone at (518)-474-4073; or by e mail at

NOTE: The draft rule has not yet been proposed or adopted, and the Uniform Code has not yet been amended to permit the use of CJ-CSST without bonding. Until and unless the Uniform Code is adopted, all CSST products, including all CJ-CSST products, used in gas piping systems must be bonded.

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