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Lincroft, NJ

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reply to FLASH71145

Re: [HD] Fox Ohio Valley College Football Broadcast

said by FLASH71145:

How could it be my cabling if all other stations are good.

In some cases, a coax cabling/connection issue can cause problems at a certain frequency or range of frequencies. For digital channels, if the QAM carrier used to carry a particular channel happens to fall at that frequency/frequencies, then there could be issues for that channel [and any other channels carried on that QAM carrier(s)] while other channels, carried on carriers outside the problem frequency(ies) are OK.

One way to check is to bring up the diagnostic screen when tuned to the problem channel(s).

I don't know if it's similar for Motorola boxes, but for SA/Cisco STBs running the S25 version guide, to get to the diagnostic screens, press and hold the front panel Power button until the power LED starts flashing (about 5 seconds), then let it go and give it a quick press again. Next, click the right arrow button on the remote to display the "RF STATISTICS" screen.

On the right side of that screen, it will show the info for the "CURRENT QAM." The Status should stay as "Locked," the Level should be in the range of -10 to 10 dBmv, and the S/N should be 30 dB or greater. Below those items it will also show the Error statistics. To exit, click the front panel Power button again or hit Exit on the remote.

EDIT: For Motorola boxes, here is what I found on bringing up the diagnostic screens:

From »[STB] Digital Tiling on One TV set: Box Problem or Signal Proble - "To check the signal strength on a Motorola box, tune to the offending channel, turn off the box with the remote, then within two seconds hit "OK/Select." This will bring up the diagnostics screen."

From: »iGuide A30 - "diagnostics menu (accessed by pressing the power key to turn the set top box off and then followed by pressing the menu key on the set top box)"