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Royal Oak, MI
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Re: Basic DVR without renting from comcast, and not using a pc

said by rody_44:

Wow, Tivo must love you. He only records 20 shows a year. Lets see a new tivo around 300.00 and 12 dollars a month. That only comes out to about 44.00 a recording for the first year.

You can get a new Tivo for $100. You can pay either a "lifetime" fee of $500 or pay $15 per month for the service. Either way you'll have to pay the monthly cable card fee.

Tivo's aren't cheap, but they're probably the best dvr available for cable subscribers. Well, I actually feel that pc dvr solutions are the best, but a lot of people would have problems setting one up.

I don't own a Tivo or work for them. I have Dish Network plus a usb pc tuner for ota recording. DirectTV and Dish Network's dvr's make cabelco boxes look like something out of the stone age. If I switched to cable, I sure as hell would bite the bullet and pay for a cable card solution for a dvr.

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The Sony DHG-HDD250 or Sony DHG-HDD500 is a dvr that will record in HD. It doesn't need a cable card if recording from comcast basic or antenna, but does if you want to record any encrypted material from digital starter (I've been using mine on comcast with a cable card in Berkeley since 2006). They are no longer produced, but you can find used ones on craig's list or ebay (I just checked craig's list, and someone in san jose has one you can look at, there are several on ebay). More info is at: