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« its not one area
This is a sub-selection from Dsl Cannot be oversold..


Cleveland, OH
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Re: Dsl Cannot be oversold..

Not true! DSL CAN and is OVER SOLD. How do you think they make their profit? They sign up more customers on the DSLAM than what the backhaul can handle. They do this betting on the fact that NOT everyone is going to be on the Internet at the same time and not maxing out their speeds.

DSL is a SHARED resource of the Internet. The same as Cable and every other service. The only thing that is dedicated and not shared is the line between you and the Telco/DSLAM once your data hits that DSLAM you are on a shared resource thus, when it is oversold to where a simple t3 will NOT support everyone, EVERYONE seeds the speeds fall down.

Stop using the old BS saying DSL is not an oversold technology and is not shared when it is fully shared. And you even admit that the network is OVERSOLD by saying that bell needs to update the actual backbone connection. Thus meaning the network is OVERSOLD.


Oshawa, ON
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Just To explain the Difference in the sharing...

You ever Open a Cable ped or see one opened all u see is a Splitter.. or 2 with some Cables feeding it, But each one feeds Multiple Homes. i imagine in The Cable Node again its Just a Big arse splitter feeding all the other splitters.. never seen inside there Nodes just the peds.

But In Your average Bell Opi The big brown dressers on the roads etc. Theres Thousands of Cable pairs. every single wire Its own individual Wire. feeding back to the Central office. totally Unshared. Thus Where the Feed gets Shared becomes much different. meaning Dsl is Extremely Resistant to Saturation As its not shared at the Node Level Like cable is. and Much easier to upgrade.

All of which is a Moot point because teksavvy is Not OverSold for there usage patterns, Sure they have More customers than they do bandwidth for but as a combined total we do not use more bandwidth than they have available at anyone time.
Every time Someone leaves Sympatico an Angel gets its wings.

« its not one area
This is a sub-selection from Dsl Cannot be oversold..