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[Help Me] Dlink 2750 Setup Error. Please help! :(

Hey Guys,
I just bought a Dlink 2750u modem cum router to replace my old Dlink DI-524 and beetel adsl2+modem. Airtel is my ISP.
I tried setting up the router with the setup CD included in the box. Now when i run the setup
it says please choose ISP from list below. I chose Airtel with VPI 1 And VCI 32.The next screen asks me
for a Username & Password.I left it blank.

Then i go on to click the next button and then a few more screens about security etc. Then finally it says
"We are now checking your internet connection status" . After it reaches a 100% it says
"A problem has occurred when trying to acccess the internet. Please check your DSL Connection
and verify internet settings"

Im pretty much sunk from here. Plus im a noob when it comes to Routers/Modems. Any clues guys? Also should i fill the Username and Password which i left blank from earlier? Thanks

Open Source Fan
Bethlehem, PA
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#1 After you selected Airtel with VPI 1 And VCI 32, you were prompted for an user name and password as you say.

#2 That user name and password is the PPPoE user name and password.

#3 You must know and type in the correct PPPoE user name and password into the Dlink 2750u (or type in the correct PPPoE user name and password into the Wizard that comes with the CD for the Dlink 2750u).

#4 I am not sure if it helps or not, but I found some info on »techtemper.blogspot.com/2009/01/ ··· _10.html

Where one of the many things that it says is

-Airtel uses your complete landline number with STD code as username and account number as PPPoE password.

and gives an example.

Note: I have no idea of that is true or not and I don't know if it possible to change the PPPoE password or not.
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