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reply to vitesse

Re: What is Velcom?

said by vitesse:

I don't remember having see them on the forum before they began to do TPIA. This is good to know.

Not sure which provider you meant in that last comment, but that part is true for both of eBox & START.

JF was probably involved to a large extent in making us aware of eBox a little earlier, as they are his ISP, and he is pleased with them.

I believe that TSI began a small amount of TPIA (Cable) in 2010 and more after that (both ON & QC), eBox began some in QC in 2011, and START started theirs in ON in 2012.

Both eBox and START have forums here, but not through the main menu (links have been posted in the current thread, though).


We have only 2 things about which to worry :
(1) That things may never get back to normal
(2) That they already HAVE !
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Cote Saint-Luc, QC
I'm pretty sure EBox was offering TPIA in Quebec since Videotron raised their max overage on Basic and High-Speed from $30 to $50 (2008-ish), if not earlier. Although at that time, they were reselling (or something involving) 3MenAtWork's network. I do remember about 2 years ago when Diskace announced that EBox got their own network up and running, which of course JF was super excited about. And then they got just a little popular when they announced their new plans in early 2012.

And there you go, a little possibly incorrect history of EBox. Wait, hold up. Was this thread supposed to be about Velcom? Meh, all of the above posts show just how irrelevant they are now.

Ottawa, ON
I'm currently with Velcom DSL from 2008 and I've had good service from them.


said by Quake110:

I'm currently with Velcom DSL from 2008 and I've had good service from them.

TBH, you cant really judge a company's CS until you run into a problem. Your experience tells me that Velcom has decent reliability, but what of their CS? Ever had an extended outage? How long was the outage? How long was the que during the call to tech support? Was tech support actually helpful? etc etc...

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Have Velcom for a while now maybe 5+ years, decently reliable service. Was down for 4 days last week due to bell pulling my line by accident, things I notice when calling in is that you have to call a few times because for whatever reason their phone system likes to hang up on you. When calling for support the wait is no like 30-60 minutes more like 15+ average

Brampton, ON
we are still here. reading the boards from time to time. september/oct are the busiest months for us, it may take longer to reach support or sales. apologies.

if you can PM me about the disconnects on the phone system with some details, I want to try to find out whats going on.


reply to coldmantis
said by coldmantis:

When calling for support the wait is no like 30-60 minutes more like 15+ average

Lol 15-30 or even 60min is NOTHING based on the current standards of a couple of bigger players... At least you don't get a drone from India that will read a script to you, but won't really help you fix anything
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reply to MajorPewPew
I have been with Velcom for four years now and I am satisfied overall. Glitches did happen sometimes but I never had service outage yet. As per CS, I used their ticketing system and their response was very good.