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Cincinnati, OH

[Speed] Terrible performance 8-11pm.

I have Comcast at my vacation home in Naples, and I have a slingbox connected there that I occasionally watch from my house in Ohio. I've noticed recently that performance is really terrible almost every evening from around 8 to 11pm.

I don't know if there are really enough people using it every night to cause this, or if some additional "traffic shaping" (i.e. bw caps) are put in place during the evenings. As a test I tried forcing my slingbox connection through the VPN I have between the two sites in an effort to see if encrypting the IP headers would fool any packet analysis they might be doing to deliberately slow down streaming traffic during those times. However, that didn't change anything; so I don't know if it really is that busy or they have more sophisticated traffic shaping rules that can figure out streaming is going on even if it's encrypted.

Anyone else notice a big difference evenings, especially in SW Florida? I've pretty much ruled out my Ohio connection as I'm still able to access other stuff at full speed during these times.



Stuarts Draft, VA
Comcast isn't "shaping" your streaming traffic. It simply sounds like congestion.