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Re: Zyxel Q100 Still Compatible?

Sorry about that I misread the line & thought you only did a speed test. Didn't realize you posted both.

Instead of NIC, I meant NID. The box that is on the outside. I posted a wikipedia link that shows what I am referring to.


said by usquared:

said by TheMayor:

What speed does the modem say it's sync'd at?

Is that different from what the modem says here?:
Qwest Broadband:
CONNECTED 31588/19257 KBPS
ISP Status:

I'm not familiar with the acronym NIC with regards to the side of the house. I guess you mean like plugging in the modem directly into the line that goes to the house, to eliminate the possibility of anything in the house causing the problem. Yeah I should try that.

That's also a good idea about trying a modem from Best Buy.