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Re: UBNT AirMax - What does what?

Well 500 customers is a rough estimate of total customers within the first year or two? The area we are going into has around 1300 homes within a 5 mile radius.

Only 1 physical tower is needed to reach each home, but maybe breaking out other towers is needed to load balance the APs?
We do have another tower we can use, but it is almost too close. Like 1 mile away from our main 200ft tower.

What is better? Have them all on 1 tower? Or use 2+ towers and play with GPS timing and freq tuning/shielding.

What have others done out there? Or does nobody offer speeds that fast?

Fill a tower with 3 2.4 APs, 3 3ghz, and 3 5ghz APs, and maybe 1 900?

And we will offer 10MB plans, not to say many customers would opt for them, as it will be pricey, but I would like to have the option, if at all possible.