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Kamloops, BC
reply to Jordih

Re: [BC] Shaw 13Mb/s buffering YouTube slower then Telus 6Mb/s

said by stolen:

Try changing your youtube account to the html5 player (instead of flash)

I tried that for the last couple days, and while not every video supported it, it didn't seem to help.

said by rustydusty:

It's not on Google's end, here to tell you. I just had 3 tab's of youtube open, all playing a 720p video and buffering cruised well above the play.

Again, I don't think this is a wide spread issue. If it is YouTube, I believe it is somewhat localised and a rare occurance. There is a forum post on Google's product forums that seems to be talking about a similiar issue with a fair amount of people being able to relate.

said by ShawSean:

Hey Jordih - have you called yet and given us a hard time (hope not)? If so did they notice any issues with your levels?

I had two thorough live chat sessions with reps on the website. The first concluded that he had no idea why this is happening, and sent me a new modem just too make sure. The chat I had yesterday was much of them same, but now concluding they really have no leads, and all they could do was bring this issue up with Google.
Both times they said my levels seemed normal.

PM sent

reply to Jordih
I'm also getting very slow internet speeds, and I have broadband50. Videos from different sites were buffering, not just Youtube, I was noticing lag on BF3...which I upgraded my speed for. I ran and it showed about 10M. I run a quadcore with 8 gigs of ram.

I live in Winston Heights. I called support about it on Thursday, and we went through the modem reboot, short the coax, reboot the computer. Then we ran the Shaw speedtest - which was 48M -so I decided to let it go. That night I got buffering again, so I searched for the best tests I could find. I ran everything from Internet Frog, to Primus, to DSLReports, and everything in between. All poor except for the Shaw version.

Tech support says they are upgrading all around the city and Winston Height is in process this should be better by Monday. I'm a little skeptical, since the Youtube test is an aggregate of a number of weeks.

Have to see how it turns out.


Lately i am experiencing VERY SLOW youtube videos. It started recently for some reason. Im on BB50 from New Westminster, BC and my service has been perfect for a long time. Its perfect even now. all my games are fine, my downloads are fast but youtube is just horrible. I cant watch a proper clip without some sort of buffering. I truly hope its youtube and not Shaw routing to youtube, cuz that would suck. My telus friend has no issues with youtube.

Calgary, AB

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reply to JoeKinn
There was mention that the DNU was happening very soon in Calgary, was supposed to start Oct 30 with Country Hills first.

I don't know if they are adding more internet channels at the same time, or just turning off the analog stations. I suppose time will tell...

The problem with adding internet channels at the same time (replacing the analog channels with internet channels) is that anybody without full cable (tiers 123 blocked) will have the 'new' internet channels blocked by the filter.

I found to be 'accurate' using the Virden, MB server - compared to the speed of transfers at similar times.
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