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Calabash, NC
reply to mackey

Re: [Anime] Summer 2012 - Currently watching

LOL! You're right mackey, you would think you would utilize an admin panel slightly better, but then, what fun is that?

Accel World's ending was decent, and ending it that way isn't bad. As opposed to my next rant:

Gundam Age: Holy hell thank glob this craptastic series is over. The final episode basically just shit all over the entire series, and makes you just scream at the screen "NO YOU ASSHOLE! YOU DON'T END LIKE THAT!" You just don't forget the fact you've been slaughtering each other throughout the past 50+ years and just calmly start fighting together. That just wouldn't happen. Then you come up with some bullshit the AGE system (which I thought destroyed in the last episode) could cure Mar's ills, then why the frig didn't you do that from the start?????? ARRRGH! The pain! the PAAAAAAAIN!!!!!!