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New York, NY

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reply to Jan Janowski

Re: [WIN8] Windows 8 --- What benifits over W7-64?

This is a fairly subjective question. Using your example, there are a lot of people who use Windows and don’t even know what AVCHD / H.264 is or even care to know.

If I recall correctly Vista received AVCHD / H.264 support via the Media Center TV Pack and or requisite companion add-on to said TV pack (circa 2008).

However, to answer your question, since the demise of drive extender in Windows Home Server and to a larger degree the demise of the Windows Home Server product line as a whole, I could see using the Windows 8 “Storage Spaces” feature to finally update my aging server(s).

Further still I could also see the Windows 8 “Storage Spaces” feature as a nice addition for systems running an SSD if it allows the addition of another SSD in a single drive pool while still allowing for TRIM and without degrading performance (data load balancing and so on).

There may be some grammatical issues with my post above. Since it seems the grammar police are out in full swing I just want to say in advance “I don’t care if I made any errors”,…..