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reply to McBrain

Re: Launch Plans - Whats yours??

said by McBrain:

I dunno man, I think most people in those zones will be doing the same thing we're trying to do...level. Sure there will be competition for mobs, quest items, etc., but I don't think that many people will be going out of their way to make others' gaming experience unpleasant.

I could be wrong, but I believe people are inherently good.

You haven't met Goon Squad on our realm...

They will active in placing huge mammoths on quest givers and/or hogging quest items/givers/objectives

They will also be spamming trade/general chat

All this for their devious plan to be realm first something (they were realm first level 25 guild)

BRB Face Melting

I play on Kil'Jaeden currently where there are about 6 or 7 guilds on each side that live and breathe world PvP, so I see the griefing occassionally. But most of the time those guys police themselves...The gankers gank until someone goes back to SW/Org and puts it in trade that there's some foul shit going on in X zone. Then the calvary is deployed and they take care of it.

Prior to Kil'Jaeden I was on K'T, I'm more than familiar with Good Squad and their antics. The game is so big now that I just go elsewhere and not let those morons ruin my gaming experience.

If people are griefing Jade Forest tonight, I'll sit in Org and wait for my dungeon pop. If they are griefing in the dungeons, I'll just queue BGs. If they're griefing there, then I'll just have to suck it up and force feed some asshole a Fireball or go to sleep.
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