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Albany, GA
reply to pnh102

Re: Internet

said by pnh102:

said by PapaMidnight:

There's no way [brianiscool] actually said that in all seriousness...

It is still a true statement nonetheless. If someone can make a "good enough" "living" by being on food stamps, Medicaid, SSDI, LIHEAP, LifeLink (government provided cell phones) and any other number of welfare programs, then where's the incentive to move to a job?

SSDI = social security disability insurance.

your really gonna say disabled people should be forced to work even if there unable to do so? yeah i know, im focusing on this one part of your statement, but im about fedup with people taking that stance. dads 70, has herniated disks in his back, herniated disks in his neck, blind in his left eye, has an artificial hip he got when he was in his 20's thats wearing out. you think he can work? fact is thanks to a former employer skipping out on taxes (something im sure the guy in your tag line would approve of since it meant more profits for the company) hes on ssi, $698/month, think you could live on that? its not as easy as people think, and no, he doesnt get all those things you just listed, people seem to think every one on ssi is gaming the system.

Reptiles Are Cuddly And Pretty
Mount Airy, MD
Why yes, I do think too many people are gaming SSDI as a freebie for when their unemployment benefits ran out.


But to be fair to you, this sounds more like an enforcement problem than a policy problem.
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