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Battery Power Units?

Recently I had an issue with two rigs where the RAM slots on the motherboard seemed to have gone bad. I believe it may be related to very minute power outages/fluctuations that cause the power to reset.

Both rigs were plugged into the same Surge Protector and it is rather old so I am going to replace it regardless but I would like suggestions on battery back up units to help stabilize the power supply just in case.

I have a direct run from the outlet to the breaker, so I suspect the power fluctuations are from the outside. I also noticed power would drop for a second on my TV / Cable Box / Entertainment Center which is in a different room and on its won dedicated power circuit
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Cyber power of APC.

I would get 700va to 1500va units depending on how power hungry your machines are.

Here is a good deal:

You could then use the extra two for your entertainment center etc.

Mountain View, CA
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Second recommendation for CyberPower units, specifically their PFC (sine-wave-based waveform) UPSes. I can personally recommend the CP850PFCLCD. I did a brief "experience review" a while back:

»Re: UPS on computer

Footnote: If you're having electrical issues that are upstream (e.g. between yourself and the power company), see if you can involve them and/or make it their problem (if it is their problem). I'd recommend taking meticulous notes (date/time and duration) every time there's an outage. I had to do exactly that earlier this year when I had 15-16 brief "blip" outages over the course of a single day; PG&E came out and found that the 3 power lines coming off the pole to our building had been wrapped around one another (not by wind but intentionally by whomever did the cable run many years ago) which was causing the issue, also citing some kind of fire/safety hazard. They unwound the lines and I haven't had any recurrences since. Otherwise the folks on the Home Improvement forum can certainly provide much better insights/assistance -- lots of electricians hang out there.
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