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Tyler, TX
reply to TxDev

Re: East Texas - slow speeds, high latency

Yeah, I don't know a lot about all the technical nuances, but it seems like for the last year or so, there is a lag before a web page starts loading. Sometimes it will take 5 or 10seconds before a page even starts to load. What is weird is that I can log into those same web sites, on my same laptop computer, from a different location like perhaps a hotel wireless network, and the page will start to load instantly.

Now, whenever I run speed tests, I get good results. I am on the 15mbps service(with the modem that also gets you the telephone service). Lately, I have been getting 16 to 19mbps speed test results, except that everything slows down every evening from about 6pm to midnight. Actually, the evening slowdown has been there for years now. In the evenings, I may get 9mbps or so.

I have called in multiple times over the years about this, and techs have come out to the house, but they never find anything wrong locally here with my signal levels. Plus, I am told that there are not actually that many houses on the same node, so there is no excuse for this lag and evening slowdowns.