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Kansas City, MO
reply to will23

Re: Post your Sprint 3g speeds

said by will23:

...to switch my adapter to home network instead of public. So I did so and it seems that my speeds went back up. They were extremely slow for no reason then I switched it to home and they went back to normal ...

If you are using a router that should be OK but be warned if you are using the USB device direct in your machine you are placing your computer on sprints network doing that!

The setting is for the built in firewall in windows 7... home should be used on a LAN you trust, public should be used on a LAN (or WAN) you don't trust.

I am not saying sprint will do anything to you, but other nefarious people on their system might! Just a heads up.

Perhaps you can grab another software firewall for protection while you have it configured like this (or even disable the win7 firewall when you use another and see if it works normally).

Some good free firewalls:

Online Armor
Comodo Personal Firewall

Once again if your are using a router already you should be ok as the router will have fire-walling of its own happening.