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reply to Savious Zero

Re: GW2: Elementalist Thread

Just saw this trait in elementalist air magic line:

One with Air:

You move 5% faster every 10 seconds you are attuned to air. Maximum of 25% bonus movement speed.

Whee! Just run all over the map and get the POIs and teleport spots first then go do hearts!


Last nite I remade my elementalist to be an Asura one, and got her to level 10. Using scepter/dagger mainly. For the first time I noticed that in the earth attunement, there's a (single target) blind that blinds for 10 seconds, and only 15 second cooldown. Had a lot of fun leveling her.

I think this is one reason I'm stuck below 30. You just get so much more sense of accomplishment at lower levels :P

Still, reading all the QQ threads makes me think the only class that is flashy enough for me in GW2 might require too much from me. Good thing Panda is here for mindless spamming of 1+2 and telling me where to go quest! That sounded sarcastic but honestly, a lot of the time my gaming is just mindless, I don't need to have an olympic challenge, I just want to pew pew and mobs to die.

Irmo, SC
I think I've found my main with the Elementalist, at least for awhile.

I started a Mesmer, and while I like it...lot of work for very little output, imo...at least upto level 20 so far.

If you think Elem is complicated, the mesmer is much more so...it's three spells before you see any dmg, and you have to make sure your combo fields are right.

Elem is a blast, literally. Using the fields, you can give yourself 3 / 6 stacks of might within 2 casts, and wreck some serious ass.

I've leveled mine to 15 within a day, and really enjoying it. I think I'll be hanging around with this one for awhile.

Primarily going sceptre / dagger, but staff is pretty good, too.
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Yar I've read mesmers really really need their traits to start doing well.

Like I said, I really love big flashy spell effects, and honestly only elementalists have that, so I'll play this for a bit. With my altitis though, a bit might mean just a day, but hey as long it's all fun and games