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New Orleans, LA

[LA] Frequent disconnects and high upstream levels

I have seen many posts about people having frequent disconnects in the New Orleans area, but haven't found a real fix/had the same problem. Ever since the storm, my connection has dropped once every few days for a short/medium period of time and then come back up on its own. Annoying, but no big deal. But since about 1.5 weeks ago, my connection has become un-usable.

During this time frame, I have tried changing out modems (an old surfboard to a Cisco DPC3010), re-terminating all coax cables with fresh new RG-6Q lines & connectors, and have even had a few techs come out to my house. They all leave saying the same thing, that "the signal levels look good normal/within spec," but for some reason, my modem is constantly pulling an upstream power level of 55-60+ dBmV! I was told that the high upstream numbers are likely causing the connection problem, but the techs have been unable to get them within a reasonable range. I have bypassed my TV for signal strength, and I have even pulled all splitters in the system to give the modem a direct line to the pole, and I am still getting numbers around 50+ (for the record, direct line gave me +4.2 dBmV down, 39.3 Signal to Noise Ratio, and 57.0 dBmV up).

This morning, I spoke to my neighbor and he said that he was having some stability problems last night as well, so I am thinking its a larger problem (bad node or something), but it is rather frustrating that techs have told me "everything looks good!", leaving me in the same crappy situation.

FYI, all statistics were obtained through the Cisco DPC's built-in status page.


Portsmouth, VA
Sounds like to me, there may be some line amp issue's that cox needs to check into in your area. As bad/unbalanced amp can easily cause issue with signal levels, and stability of your connection. As the levels could be jumping around, as the amp isn't working correctly. I remember about a year ago my signal levels moved around, and wasn't looking good. Cox started sweeping my local area, and found some problems with amps needing adjustments, and also one of the taps on next pole down was holding water causing problems.