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This is a sub-selection from Fair


Binghamton, NY

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Re: Fair

Homo sapiens are one of the few critters in the animal kingdom that are capable of overriding their baser instincts. I have little sympathy for those who throw away this gift of nature in favor of a foolhardy instinctual chase for endorphins. You need not limit yourself to the evils of tobacco or alcohol, sugar is addicting, at least where the brain's reward center is concerned, and obesity imposes a great economic cost on society. Is it the fault of big aquaculture when people fail to control their caloric intake because our brains are hardwired to reward the consumption of sugar when it's available?

Civilization has blessed us with abundance. Evolution has blessed us with the ability to choose to enjoy said abundance in moderation. Few other animals have this ability, and no other animal has access to the abundance of civilization, well except for those that have tagged along for the ride, Canis lupus familiaris comes to mind.

Point being, we are all born with free choice and the ability to employ moderation. I do not own a small enough violin to play for the people who fail to exercise that ability and whom seek to assign blame to others for their own failures.